Dutch news in brief – 2 July 2004

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Meeting place bench honours murdered headmaster

Meeting place bench honours murdered headmaster

A commemorative bench was unveiled on Friday at the Terra College in The Hague in memory of deputy headmaster Hans van Wieren, 49, who was shot dead by a student in January. Students and teachers designed special tiles that adorn the seat, which will be used for a meeting and conversation place. The victim's wife and two daughters attended the unveiling. The then 16-year-old killer, Murat D., was sentenced in April by a court in The Hague to five years jail and TBS psychiatric detention. He is appealing against the ruling.  

Problem kids no longer face youth jail cells

Youths with behaivoural problems, a difficult home life or those with slight learning problems should no longer be detained in a jail cell, Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner has said. While capacity problems in social welfare centres continue, problem youth should be confined in a special purpose institute, the minister said. The experiment is aimed to end the practice in which youths with serious behavioural problems are detained in youth penitentiary systems without psychiatric treatment. Together with Health State Secretary Clemence Ross, Donner said eventually a new form of care should be offered to such children, but this will not happen overnight because the youth welfare legislation will need to be amended.

Dutch abandon surrogacy pregnancies

Dutch hospitals no longer offer the possibility of having a child via the invitro fertilisation of a surrogate mother, Radio Netherlands reported on Friday. Gynaecologist Sylvia Dermout has abandoned her activities assisting would-be parents to have a child via surrogacy. Dermout was part of a team that included lawyers and a psychologist in a project that had been supported by former Health Minister Els Borst. But research hospitals remain concerned that surrogate mothers will have trouble giving up the baby

Dutch soccer stars welcomed home

Several hundred fans greeted members of the defeated Dutch Euro 2004 team as they returned to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on Thursday night. Stars Arjen Robben, Ruud van Nistelrooij and Edwin van der Sar, plus assistant coach Willem van Hanegem, landed at about 9pm. The Dutch were defeated on Wednesday night 1-2 in the semi-final by host nation Portugal. Despite failing to make it to the final, an exuberant atmosphere greeted the returning players. Half of the Dutch team and officials returned home on Thursday, while the other half either stayed in Portugal or travelled onto to other holiday destinations.

Naked race against Pamplona running of the bulls

Workers and sympathisers with the Dutch and Belgian Anti-Bull Fighting Committee will participate Monday in a naked human race in the Spanish city Pamplona. The race is being held for the third time and is organised by the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The infamous running of the bulls is held in Pamplona from 7-14 July and attracts thousands of tourists. The naked race is designed to attract attention to the suffering the bulls experience in the annual event. For more information see the website: runningofthenudes.com.

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