Dutch news in brief, 2 February 2006

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Wilders publishes 'Mohammed' cartoons

Wilders publishes 'Mohammed' cartoons

Conservative MP Geert Wilders has published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed on his website. The 12 drawings, first published in a Danish newspaper, have caused outrage in the Muslim world. There have been boycotts of Danish goods and bomb threats against Danish interests in the Muslim world. Wilders, who has received death threats int he Netherlands for his anti-Muslim views, said it was troubling the Danish newspaper had chosen to apologise to the Muslim community. Under the heading 'what is the price of freedom', Wilders wrote he was publishing the cartoons to show his support for the cartoonist and to stand up for the freedom of expression.

Wijffels nominated for World bank

The Dutch government has nominated Herman Wijffels, who is stepping down as chairman of the Social Economic Council (SER) in the Netherlands, for a position as director at the World Bank. He will replace Dutchman Ad Melkert who is taking a post at the UN.

Teens forced to strip for camera

Five boys, aged 12 to 15, were arrested in The Hague on Wednesday for allegedly forcing three other boys to strip and filming them with a mobile phone. The images were sent to other people. The victims are aged between 12 and 16. Some of the accused boys have confessed, a police spokesperson said. The alleged incident appears to be a variation on 'happy slapping', a term used  to describe an incident whereby a person, or group of persons slap an unsuspecting victim, while an accomplice films the assault using a camera phone.

Holleeder remanded in custody

Convicted Heineken kidnapper and alleged racketeer Willem Holleeder was remanded in custody until 14 February on Thursday. Police suspect Holleeder of extortion, assault and making threats. One of his alleged victims he is accused of extorting money from was property tycoon Willem Endstra who was shot dead in 2004.

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