Dutch news in brief, 19 October 2004

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Speed blamed for deaths of five youths

Speed blamed for deaths of five youths

Police have blamed speed for the death of five young people from Zeewolde in a horrific car crash on the A35 at Almelo on Sunday morning. But the public prosecutor said it cannot be determined if alcohol played a role in the single-vehicle accident due to the severe mutilation of the victims. No autopsies will be conducted. Investigations have revealed the driver lost control of the vehicle due to high speed and smashed into the guardrail on a sharp curve. The car spun around twice, hit two trees and exploded into flames. Police said the victims would probably have been killed instantly. It was not revealed what speed the car was traveling at, but a 50kmh speed limit is in place at the scene of the crash. The victims — four males and one female — were aged 17, 19, 20, 22 and 20 respectively.

Inquiry into death of asylum seeker

Police are investigating the death of an Iranian asylum seeker in Appelscha, amid claims by her husband that she died due to a lack of medical treatment. The man has accused four doctors in the Ooststellingwerf municipality and four nurses of the Appelscha asylum seekers centre of culpable homicide. The 41-year-old woman died two years ago of breast cancer and her husband claims her complaints were never taken seriously, RTL News reported Tuesday. The man alleges she was admitted to hospital too late and could no longer be treated. The Leeuwarden public prosecutor has confirmed that police are investigating the matter and the regional disciplinary council in Groningen is also looking into the death.

Godett released from remand detention

The leader of the Antillean FOL political party, Anthony Godett, has been released from remand detention, Radio Netherlands reported. The politician was arrested at the start of September on allegations he was a member of a criminal organisation, accepting bribes and fraud. He was also accused of being involved in the alleged illegal activities of the recently deceased former Antillean justice minister, Ben Komproe. Godett has denied the allegations. In another case, Godett was convicted on appeal in June and sentenced to 15 months jail for bribery, fraud and money laundering. His is appealing to the Dutch Supreme Court for cassation.

Killer Russian circus bear in Dutch zoo

Former Russian circus bear Dadon has arrived at the Ouwehands Dierenpark in Rhenen, but will remain in quarantine during the Dutch winter months. Dadon will be allowed to join the zoo's others bears in spring, Radio Netherlands reported Monday. Dadon was an attraction of a circus in Moscow for many years until he attacked and killed his handler in December 2003. Due to the fact the circus was concerned for reprisals, it was decided to relocate the bear to a new home. The Rhenen zoo is already home to former circus and dance bears from nations such as Turkey, Bosnia and Germany.

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