Dutch news in brief, 19 July 2004

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Man jailed for threatening PM

Man jailed for threatening PM

A court in The Hague sentenced on Monday a man to 30 months jail, 10 of which were suspended, for sending threatening emails to Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende. The man — identified as a 35-year-old resident of Hoorn — was also found guilty of two break-ins at commercial premises. The man admitted to sending two emails, claiming they were a cry for help. He was in debt and searching for a house for his wife and child.

Greenpeace activists protest coal burning

Greenpeace activists blocked conveyor belts for the transport of coal to a power station in the Dutch town Geertruidenberg on Monday. The environmental activists are demanding that energy company Essent convert to gas as quickly as possible, Radio Netherlands reported. Greenpeace claims that burning coal adds to the Greenhouse effect and 13 activists chained themselves to two of the conveyor belts.

Dutch to write off part of Iraq's debt

Overseas Development Minister Agnes van Ardenne is prepared to write off part of Iraq's debt to the Netherlands, newspaper De Volkskrant has reported. Van Ardenne said Iraq owes the Netherlands EUR 245 million, inclusive interest, but she has not yet confirmed how much of that debt she is prepared to write off because it is not yet certain how much Iraq can pay back. The exact amount will be determined from a general analysis of Iraq's debt, which will include an estimate of the nation's potential future oil export income. 

Godett jailed, launches collection drive

Antillean politician Anthony Godett was sentenced in the Willemstad Appeals Court on Friday 16 July to 15 months jail, five of which were suspended, for forgery, bribery and money laundering. The leader of the FOL political party has announced he will appeal for cassation in the Supreme Court, news agency Novum reported. To pay for his legal costs, the Antillean Prime Minister-elect — who could not take up the position due to the corruption charges — has launched a collection drive, urging the Antillean public to donate one Netherlands Antillean Guilder (ANG) each. Godett said he has already spent ANG 150,000 guilders on his court battle and if all 130,000 Antilleans donate a guilder he will almost have paid off his accumulated costs.

Ajax hooligans get community work orders

Amsterdam Court sentenced on Friday two Ajax fans to community work orders of 120 hours for their involvement in a riot at the Amsterdam De Toekomst arena on 15 April. They were also given a suspended sentence of two weeks community service and were banned for two years from coming in the vicinity of Ajax home matches, newspaper NRC reported. The defendants were arrested after a group of Ajax fans invaded the pitch and assaulted players from the opposing Feyenoord youth team. The prosecution failed to gather sufficient evidence to press charges against other Ajax fans involved in the melee.

Half of Dutch holiday without grandparents

Almost half of Dutch people never take their children's grandparents with them on holiday and prefer instead to just get away with the kids, research indicated on Monday. And just one third of all Dutch nationals said they took the grandparents now and again on family holidays to strengthen the relationship between the three generations, newspaper De Telegraaf reported. The research — conducted by Blauw Research on assignment from Center Parcs — involved the survey of 546 Dutch nationals. Families go on holiday on average four to eight days with the children and the grandparents. One third of families all go on holiday together when there is something to celebrate.

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