Dutch news in brief, 19 August 2005

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Investigation into riot photos

Investigation into riot photos

The Dutch data protection CBP is launching an investigation into the police decision to publish photographs on the internet of football supporters who rioted at AN Feyenoord-Ajax match in April. A spokesperson for the CBP said it wants to know why the police chose this method to try and get the public to identify the rioters. The publication lead to 100 arrests and in some cases the suspects came forward voluntarily. The CBP doubts whether publishing the pictures on the internet was a proportional response to the crimes being investigated.

Woman dies from hot bath

A 31-year-old woman with learning difficulties died on Thursday from severe burns. She was in a critical condition in hospital for more than a week. She received the burns when staff at a care home accidentally put her in a bath in which the water was too hot. The woman had to be resuscitated twice when she had a heart attack while her burns were cooled by cold water. The police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Chinook arrives in Afghanistan

A Dutch Air Force transport helicopter arrived in Afghanistan after an 6,000 kilometre journey from the Netherlands. The craft will support Dutch troops serving with the ISAF international stabilisation force. The Chinook left the Netherlands left the Netherlands two weeks ago but was delayed for a week in the south of Russia due to problems with travel documents.

Corn beetle found in Maastricht

The bane of corn farmers has appeared in crops next to Maastricht Aachen Airport in Limburg. The larva of the beetle feeds on the roots of the corn. In other countries this has led to a loss of up to 90 percent of harvests. The beetle is not known to have damaged crops in the Netherlands to date.

Woman killed by lightning

A 35-year-old woman died on Friday morning in after being hit by a bolt of lightning in the Zeeland town of Walsoorden. She was walking her dog in a area where there are no buildings when she was hit. Police say the woman died instantly. Deaths by lightning are relatively rare in the Netherlands. Three people have died because of lightning strikes in the last five years.

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