Dutch news in brief, 19 August 2004

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Three hurt in shooting near asylum centre

Three hurt in shooting near asylum centre

Three people were wounded in a shooting incident outside an asylum seekers' centre on Wednesday evening, police say. All the victims live in the Burmania centre in Stiens, near Leeuwarden. One of the men was taken to hospital in a coma and the other two had more minor injuries. Five men were arrested and are being questioned, but the motive for the incident is unclear.

New healthcare premium revealed

The universal basic healthcare insurance premium being introduced in the Netherlands will cost EUR 1,067 per person, according to a leak on Thursday.  As part of its efficiency drive, the government has decided to replace the two-tier, public-private health insurance system with one public scheme for everyone by 1 January 2006. Newspaper De Volkskrant reported sources as saying a confidential draft of the plan reveals the premium will be just over EUR 1,067. Currently the maximum premium for public health insurance is EUR 730.

Limburg hit by flooding

Heavy downpours caused severe flooding in part of Zuid Limburg province on Wednesday. The regional alarm centre received hundreds of reports of overflowing drains and flooding between 7.30 and 8.30pm, NOS news reported. The worst-hit areas were Maastricht to Brussum. There were also reports of problems in Sittard-Geleen and Venray. The heavy showers moved towards Germany after 9pm. A house in Koningsbosch was set alight by a lightning strike but quick intervention by the fire services prevented it spreading to other buildings.

Naked men arrested in Deventer

Police had to resort to pepper spray to overpower two naked men who violently resisted arrest in the streets of Deventer, it was reported Thursday. The pair, accompanied by two other drunken companions, drew police attention when they stripped naked and started bothering people swimming in the IJssel. On of the four nudists, a 37-year-old man from Deventer, punched a police officer before running into the city centre. Cornered on Van Twickelostraat, he and a naked colleague, 38, resisted arrest. Police used pepper spray and issued fines to the four men.

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