Dutch news in brief – 18 May 2004

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Pakistani militant postpones visit

Pakistani militant postpones visit

Pakistani Islamic militant Qazi Hussain Ahmed has postponed his visit to the Netherlands and Belgium after being refused entry to the Netherlands. The leader of Pakistan’s largest Islamic party was due to arrive on Wednesday. The Dutch-Belgian Arab European League (AEL) — which campaigns for Islamic rights — had invited him to speak at a public meeting on 21 May, but admitted on Tuesday that his visit has been temporarily postponed. Hussain Ahmed is known to have supported the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and has in the past expressed sympathy for Osama bin Laden, the leader of terror network Al Qaeda.

Speed devil skids past police

An 18-year-old motorist from Rijssen tried to portray himself as a model driver when he saw police officers with a speed-detector radar gun on Monday. Unfortunately, applying the brakes hard when travelling at high speed proved a risky and in vain manoeuvre — the car left a 23m skid mark on the road before he totally lost control. The vehicle shot across onto the right-hand carriageway, mounted the bank at the side of the road and landed in a ditch. But the man's actions were in vain as the police had already clocked him travelling at 144kmh, news agency Novum reported.

Special classes for school troublemakers

Schools are to be permitted to suspend troublesome students and have them attend classes at another location until they are judged suitable to return to their old classmates. Dutch Education Minister Maria van der Hoeven hopes this plan will help schools escape their current obligation to keep students on unless they can find another school to take the problem child, newspaper De Volkskrant reported.

Killer nurse faces life sentence demand

The public prosecutor has asked an appeals court to reaffirm the life sentence imposed on former nurse Lucy de Berk for murdering patients under her care in hospitals in The Hague. She faces seven charges of murder and three of attempted murder. She was originally charged with killing 13 patients and was sentenced to life in 2003 having been found guilty of four murders and three attempts. Both De Berk and the prosecution appealed the trial court's findings. The appeal court in The Hague is expected to deliver its verdict in mid-June.

Public transport ban on people with disability

There is an unofficial travel ban on people with disability trying to use public transport, Labour PvdA MP Marjo van Dijken claimed on Tuesday. Noting that people with disabilities had great difficulties travelling to the Support Fair in Utrecht, she said public transport companies should be compelled by law to cater for people with disabilities. Christian Democrat CDA Transport Minister Karla Peijs had to admit she was not aware that there were only two places designed for people with mobility difficulties, Novum reported.

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