Dutch news in brief, 18 January 2005

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Man killed in café robbery

Man killed in café robbery

Masked robbers killed a man and wounded another during a robbery shortly after midnight on Monday night at the Nijlan cafe in Leeuwarden. The deceased victim is the 54-year-old manager of the café and the wounded man is a 46-year-old Leeuwarden resident. They were the only ones in the café when the robbery occurred. Police have not revealed how the man was killed, but have deployed 30 detectives to investigate the case.

Marine claims trauma led to murders

The public prosecutor demanded during an appeal in Maastricht Court on Monday a life sentence for the marine Paul S., who shot and killed his former girlfriend, her brother and her parents in the southern Dutch city of Kerkrade in October 2003. S. was sentenced to 20 years jail and TBS psychiatric detention in July 2004. The former marine is hoping to prove in his appeal case that he suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome and thus did not commit premeditated murder. He claims to be suffering from his experiences serving on secret military operations with the special forces unit BBE in Cambodia.

Mum, baby arrested for lack of ID

A 33-year-old Amsterdam woman and her five-month-old daughter have been jailed after failing to prove their identification. Since 1 January, everyone in the Netherlands above the age of 14 has been obliged to be able to prove their identity or risk a fine or jail. Marba van Dullemen and her baby Dominique, of Amsterdam North, were arrested on Sunday night because she could not produce a driver's licence. They were detained in a cell for an hour until Van Dullemen's partner arrived with her driver's licence. A police spokesman confirmed both mother and baby were detained in a "day cell" made of glass and 3m by 3m in size. Van Dullemen will be fined for driving without a licence and for not wearing a seatbelt.

Man's HIV sex conviction overturned

The court case against a Leeuwarden man convicted of having unprotected sex despite knowing he was HIV-positive must be re-tried, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday. The court said Arnhem Appeals Court failed to adequately prove that the man wrought serious personal injury on the underage male victim between 1999 and 2000. Arnhem Court sentenced the 54-year-old man on appeal in June 2003 to a jail term of two years and three months, but the youth was not infected with the HIV virus and the Supreme Court overruled the man's conviction. The case must now be heard again in Den Bosch Appeals Court.

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