Dutch news in brief, 17 July 2006

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Legionella kills woman in Almelo

Legionella kills woman in Almelo

A 70-year-old woman died in hospital in Deventer on Saturday evening from a Legionella infection, the health authority in Twente Province said. She was treated initially for pneumonia until doctors detected the legionella bacteria. An investigation is underway to pinpoint the source of the infection. This case has nothing to do with the legionella outbreak in Amsterdam, the health authority said.

Salmonella victims back in Netherlands

Two bus loads of Dutch people who caught Salmonella in Germany arrived back in the Netherlands on Monday morning. A team of 50 medics met them in the Limburg town of Swalmen and they were examined to see if hospitalisation was required. All were allowed to go home. Twenty other people from Swalmen were still in hospital in Germany on Monday after a delegation from Swalmen became ill while on a visit to twinned town Marktredwitz. The finger of blame has been pointed at a salad they dined on.

TBS for driving at politician

The woman, 43, who tried to run over Liberal MP Jozias van Aartsen and his press officer with her car in 2004 has been ordered to undergo compulsory TBS behaviour modification. An appeal court in The Hague agreed with the trial court that there was a serious risk the woman, F de J., would re-offend if not treated for her psychiatric difficulties.

Parachutists make emergency leap

A group of 17 people who boarded a plane at a parachute jumping centre in Apeldoorn had to perform an emergency jump on Sunday when the plane developed engine trouble. The pilot ordered them out of the plane on hearing exploding noises in the engine. All the parachutists landed safely as did the plane.

Man loses arm in water sport

A man lost an arm as he was dragged on a water bed by a motor boat on the Markermeer (Marker Lake) on Sunday. His arm got caught in the tow rope and was ripped off. The limb sank under the water and divers were still looking for it on Sunday evening.

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