Dutch news in brief, 16 February 2006

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Arson suspected in school fire

Arson suspected in school fire

The fire that destroyed a monumental school in The Hague in January may have been caused by arson, police said on Thursday. The investigation into the blaze at the 'Wereldwijzer' school on Tasmanstraat was re-opened. "New information has shed new light on the origins of the fire," a spokesperson said. He declined to go into detail about the information.

Police must record all discrimination incidents

Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner announced a new drive on Thursday to ensure police follow the rules and record all reports of discrimination. Donner was responding to research that shows police officers sometimes refuse to record cases they feel have no chance of resolution.

Explosion at timber company

Two people were slightly injured on Thursday by an explosion at a timber company in Gelderland province. The blast occurred in a silo used to store wood pulp. Ambulance personnel treated the two staff members at the scene. The cause of the blast is under investigation.

More places for stranded seals

The Ecomare centre for the Wadden and North Sea on the island of Texel has been inundated with seals in need of sanctuary. The centre is currently caring for two common and 21 grey seals. This is its maximum capacity but it expects more to arrive because the busy period extends to March. A new container is being brought in to cater for new strays.

Decline in number of robberies

The number of armed robberies in the Netherlands has continued to fall in recent years. There were 2,148 robberies last year, 10 percent fewer than in 2004. There has been a 23 percent reduction in robberies in the last five years, according to figures compiled by the national system against robbery and ram-raids (LORI). Improved security measures cut the number of robberies in all sorts of shops - particularly in tobacco sellers, petrol stations and telephone shops. The Dutch police institute (NPI) also reported the number of fatalities during robberies has dropped. Seven people were killed by robbers last year, compared with 16 in 2004. The number of people injured rose from 370 to 392.

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