Dutch news in brief, 16 February 2005

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Dutch tolerance a thing of the past

Dutch tolerance a thing of the past

The Netherlands is no longer the land where everything is allowed, Maastricht Mayor Gerd Leers told Chicago police on Wednesday. He said tolerance is okay, but only works within well defined parameters that must be carefully guarded. The Dutch soft drugs policy has caused friction with the US and during a visit to America with a Dutch political delegation, Leers admitted that the lenient approach has also led in the past to intolerable situations at home. He was referring to the Vinkenslag trailer park near Maastricht, where many cannabis growing residents have also enjoyed a tax-free existence in recent years. Asserting that the Netherlands was getting tougher, Leers said it was never too late to clean up your own rubbish. He said the US needed to know the Dutch were no "softies".

Man with HIV unjustly sacked

A hairdressing salon in Amsterdam unjustly sacked a male employee last year because he was infected with the HIV virus, the Dutch HIV Association revealed on Wednesday. The man failed to mention he was infected with HIV during a job interview. He later told his boss a month after starting employment at the salon in November last year that he was infected with the virus that can lead to AIDS. He was subsequently sacked. But Utrecht Court ruled at the end of January that an HIV infection poses no obstruction to working at a hairdressing salon and thus did not need to be mentioned prior to being hired.
Soldiers face dismissal for drugs charges

Three Dutch soldiers at the Seedorf army base have been discharged due to drugs use. The trio was part of a large group arrested by military police last week on suspicion of possession or use of soft drugs. A spokesman for the army said an investigation has been launched into the group's actions. The commandant of the Seedorf base requested a separate investigation into the three soldiers who have been recommended for dismissal.

Trainee police officer sacked

Amsterdam police have sacked a second trainee officer who co-operated on a website that jokingly offered courses for crashing into bag thieves. A 23-year-old officer was sacked earlier this month for the website joke. The sackings come after a 43-year-old woman killed an alleged bag snatcher in Amsterdam last month after reversing her car into the 19-year-old's scooter.

Dutch tsunami toll rises to 19

Nineteen Dutch people are now known to have died in the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster in December, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. The Dutch government said it expected the toll to rise because 20 Dutch nationals who were in the tsunami-hit areas are still missing, news agency AFP reported. Five other people possibly in the region have still not been tracked down either.

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