Dutch news in brief, 13 September 2004

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Massive support expected for Amsterdam protest

Massive support expected for Amsterdam protest

An FNV trade union leader is expecting 100,000 people to take part in the protest demonstration in Amsterdam planned for 2 October. The chairman of major trade union FNV Bondgenoten, Henk van der Kolk, also said if fewer number turn out, the unions will have to ask whether they are attracting sufficient support from the Dutch public. Trade unions are staging a massive protest campaign against the Dutch government's cutbacks in social benefits and pensions, Radio Netherlands reported.

Two injured in 'mustard gas' accident

Two people became ill when chlorine gas leaked during maintenance work at a swimming pool at a holiday park near Hardenberg on Saturday night. One of the victims was released from hospital later that night, but the second was required to spend the night due to a lack of oxygen in the blood. The injuries occurred as bleach was added by accident to sulfuric acid, creating chorine or a form of mustard gas. The swimming pool was evacuated. Despite the two injuries, the fire brigade said the amount of gas that leaked was not cause for any further alarm.

Grenade 'intended to intimidate' Dutch troops

Dutch troops in As Samawah in Iraq escaped with a fright in Iraq on Saturday night after a hand grenade with its pin still attached was thrown into their jeep. The projectile did not explode and the suspect fled the scene. The Dutch military believes it was an attempt to intimidate the troops rather than injure or kill them. Two Dutch soldiers have died in attacks in Iraq since the Netherlands' peacekeeping mission started in the summer of 2003.

MPs unveil anti-graffiti plan

The Labour PvdA and Christian Democrat CDA parties have unveiled a joint plan to crackdown on graffiti. PvdA MP Peter van Heemst said many people are irritated by graffiti and removing the paintings is expensive. The plan involves tougher penalties, greater police surveillance and an obligation to show ID when buying spray paint cans. New construction projects will also involve the use of graffiti-resistance outer coatings and municipal councils will be required in future to designate areas where graffiti can be applied as a form of art.

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