Dutch news in brief, 12 July 2006

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Netherlands dives in FIFA ranking

Netherlands dives in FIFA ranking

The Netherlands has dropped from 3rd to the 6th position in the world ranking of national football teams drawn up by world football association FIFA. The Dutch side was knocked out in the second round of the World Cup in Germany. Italy has risen from 13th to 2nd place thanks to its victory in the World Cup. Brazil retained the number one spot in the rankings, while France rose from 9th to 4th place, one behind Argentina. Germany climbed from 19th to 9th place.

Former police officer jailed for rape

Retired police officer J.N. was jailed for 30 months by an appeal court in the northern city of Leeuwarden on Tuesday for raping and sexually assaulting two men. The sentence equals that imposed on the Rotterdam man by the trial court in 2004. The defendant admitted having sex with the men, then aged 22 and 25, but he claimed it was consensual.

TomTom 'guides' thieves too

The number of car windows being smashed has risen sharply, according to the company Carglass. The market leader in car window repair believes it has identified the culprit: the popular TomTom navigation system. Although motorists generally take the device with them when they leave their cars, the impression of the TomTom's suction pad remains on the window. This attracts criminals like magnets. The number of damaged windows has so far this year by 13 percent to 318,420, RTL News reported.

Councillors back Cohen's reappointment

Councillors in Amsterdam have voted in favour of the reappointment of Mayor Job Cohen for another seven years. Democrat D66 was the only party to vote against the proposal, as it favours direct elections for mayor. The council's decision will be presented to the Queen's Representative in Noord Holland province. He in turn will pass it on to Interior Minister John Remkes. Cohen's first term of office expires on 15 January 2007.

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