Dutch news in brief, 11 September 2006

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Controversial Muslim leader preaches love

Controversial Muslim leader preaches love

Pakistani Muslim cleric Mohammed Anas Noorani Siddiqui talked about peace and love during a conference in the Taibah mosque in Amsterdam on Saturday. "All Muslims all over the world must be friendly and civil to each other," he said. The cleric is controversial because he is a prominent member of the Jami' at e-Ulema i Pakistan (JUP), an organisation of Muslim scholars in Pakistan. Radio Netherlands reported JUP is a political organisation that opposes the pro-western military government of president Musharraf, but it does not have a totalitarian blueprint of an Islamic state. However, JUP's secretary undersigned the notorious fatwa of Bin Laden in 1988, in which he stated that it was a duty for every Muslim to kill Americans and their allies, military and civilians alike. Siddiqui himself is said to have undersigned a death warrant for all who slander or insult the prophet Mohammed. Dutch MPs expressed surprise and unease last week that Siddiqui was given a visa to enter the Netherlands.

Balkenende more popular that Bos

Christian Democrat Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende is currently more popular with the voters than Labour (PvdA) leader Wouter Bos, according to an opinion poll conducted by Maurice de Hond. Given a choice between the Prime Minister and the leader of the largest opposition party, 53 percent of the respondents opted for Balkenende and 40 percent for Bos. Last month, opinion was divided 46 to 46 percent. The poll also put the PvdA on 45 seats, only three more than it holds now. The Christian Democrats (CDA) would win 39 seats if the election was held now, De Hond said. The country goes to the polls on 22 November.

ID numbers for riot police

A majority in parliament, consisting of the Christian Democrats (CDA) and Labour (PvdA) supports the call by National Ombudsman Alex Brenninkmeijer that members of the ME (riot police) wear identity numbers on their helmets. Currently, it is difficult to identify officers who use excessive force.

Legionella in Haarlem Prison

Traces of the Legionella Bactria have been found in the water pipes at the dome-shaped prison in Haarlem. The bacteria, which can cause Legionnaire's disease, was detected on Thursday and a steps were taken immediately to eradicate it, a Justice spokesperson said on Sunday. The prisoners in the affected area showered elsewhere in the complex and drinking water from the tap has been banned. It is not known how long it will take to clean the pipes.

Water Police intercept drunken skipper

Water Police detained a 37-year-old skipper at Oranjesluizen on Sunday for drunkenness, the national police service (KLPD) said on Monday. His clipper was bringing German tourists to Hoorn when personnel at the Oranje lock noticed he was acting in a "conspicuously clumsy" matter. A breath test indicated he was four times above the alcohol limit for operators of boats. He was banned from sailing for 16 hours.

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