Dutch news in brief, 11 November 2005

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Alleged murderer commits suicide

Alleged murderer commits suicide

The man who alegedly murdered 11-year-old Arthur Ghurahoo in 1986 is dead, the police said on Friday. The suspect, 54, jumped in front of a train between Maarssen en Breukelen on 1 August. The police declined to confirm he was a teacher and a football trainer. The a sample of the man's DNA was taken after he was arrested in connection with a sex offence at the end of July. He killed himself shortly after being released. For several years the police have been comparing the DNA of suspects in sex offences cases with the DNA profile of the man who raped and killed the boy. Authur's body was found near to Fort Vecht (between Utrecht and Bunnik) on 4 May 1986. Tests confirmed the man who commited suicide this August was responsible for killing Arthur and attacking other young boys in the area.

76 arrested at Ethiopia demo

Police arrested 76 people during a demonstration outside the Ethiopian Consulate in The Hague on Friday morning. The rally was in protest at human rights abuses in the African country. Emotions got out of hand and it looked as if the demonstrators were about to storm the building, police said. The arrests were carried out after the crowd refused to disperse.

US delegation to view water defences

A large delegation, under the leadership of US Senator Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana, visits the Netherlands next month as part of an educational exchange to discuss the flood protection challenges faced by the the US state and the Netherlands. The delegation will view the Delta Works, the massive system of defences built in response to the deadly flooding in 1953. The weakest parts of the Dutch system protect inland areas from one-every-1,250-years flooding, Louisiana's strongest systems are only rated to a Category 3 level - or a 100-year storm, Senator Landrieu said when announcing the trip.

Post office branches to close

About 400 jobs are to go over the next two years as the Dutch Post Office (Postkantoren BV) cuts the number of its branches by 74 to 215. This is expected to save EUR 5 million. The work of the branches that are closed will be take up by counters in shops. Postkantoren is jointly owned by TPG Post and Postbank (part of the ING financial group).

Online register for dead birds

Bird protection organisation Sovon has established an online register for the reporting of dead birds. The Ministry of Agriculture asked Sovon to set up the register to help detect any outbreaks of bird flu in the Netherlands. Anyone who finds a dead bird can record the death at www.sovon.nl. If the case is suspicious, the site will alert virologists at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

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