Dutch news in brief, 11 May 2005

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Rijksmuseum loses renovation battle

Rijksmuseum loses renovation battle

The main entrance to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam may not be built in the underpass, the spatial planning authority RAK has ruled. The Spanish architects firm in charge of the renovations will now be instructed to come up with a new design. The district council in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid objected to the original plan because it did not want the work to hinder cyclists and pedestrians. It also said an entrance in the underpass did not give adequate room in case of an emergency. The new entrance is expected to be located very close to the underpass. Renovations to the 1885 Rijksmuseum started in December 2003 and are scheduled to be completed mid-2008.

Family killer a ladies man

The man who has confessed to killing his wife and two daughters in Zoetermeer last month had numerous extramarital affairs over the years, newspaper Algemeen Dagblad said on Wednesday. Richard H. allegedly met the women via internet chat sessions. Police and prosecution officials have refused to confirm if the affairs played a role in the murders. H. had various email address and two mobile phones, one of which was used for his affairs. One friend claims H. often argued with his wife, while one of his former lovers said he felt trapped in his marriage and did not love his wife. The sister of murder victim Claudia said she was shocked to learn of the affairs.

No appeal against Eric O.

The public prosecutor has decided against appealing in the Supreme Court to reverse the acquittal of marine Eric O. last week. The prosecutor accuses O. of killing an Iraqi looter in Iraq at the end of 2003, but the appeals court in Arnhem acquitted him on charges of breaching military rules of engagement. The 44-year-old is now definitely a free man, but is considering suing the Dutch State for damages.

Nuclear disaster drill at Borssele

The Borssele nuclear reactor will be the scene of a large-scale disaster training exercise on 25 May. Some 600 managers, public servants and emergency service personnel will be deployed during the fake nuclear accident, the Housing and Environment Ministry said on Wednesday. Belgian authorities and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will be involved. The 16-hour disaster simulation is designed to test the communication between involved authorities.

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