Dutch news in brief, 11 August 2004

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Doubts raised over captivity of teen sisters

Doubts raised over captivity of teen sisters

Defence lawyers have dismissed claims that two sisters, aged 16 and 19, were held captive in their family home. Police freed the teenagers in The Hague on 6 August. They had been mistreated. The 48-year-old father, the 46-year-old mother and 21-year-old brother of the two sisters have been arrested and are still in remand custody. Police initially claimed the teenagers could have been detained in the house for a year or several more, but the public prosecution has said further investigations are necessary. The defence lawyers claim that the youngest daughter has attended school in the past year and the 19-year-old daughter has attended language classes. And according to the lawyers, the Turkish family returned from a six-week holiday in Turkey on the night of 5 August. Nevertheless, allegations remain that severe restrictions on the girls' liberty were imposed.

'Black Cobra' loses Dutch extradition request

A judge in The Hague has ruled that the Netherlands does not have to ask Spain for the extradition of drug dealer, Henk R., known also as the Black Cobra. The man had requested his extradition to the Netherlands, where he has a jail term to serve. R. was arrested in Spain last year on request from US authorities who accuse him of ecstasy smuggling. But R. wished to be extradited to the Netherlands first, because if he is then extradited to the US and convicted, he will be eligible to serve out the jail term in the Netherlands. Dutch sentences are shorter than those in the US.

Mortar attack on Dutch soldiers in Iraq

The Dutch base camp in the southern Iraqi city As Samawah was the target of a mortar attack at about 3am (local time) on Wednesday morning, but no injuries were reported among the peacekeeping troops. Two mortar bombs overshot the camp and exploded outside its perimeter. There are presently 1,320 Dutch troops stationed in Iraq.

Boy admits killing seven farm animals

A nine-year-old Assen boy has admitted to police he killed seven animals at the Pittelstee children's farm on the Rijnstraat in the north-eastern Dutch city. The boy was arrested on tip-offs from residents. He killed four guinea pigs, two chickens and a rabbit and after questioning by police, the boy was handed over to his parents. A farm spokesman said it is not known why the boy killed the animals, but said it is sad that a child of such a young age was capable of such acts.

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