Dutch news in brief – 10 March

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Cabinet to reject Liberal's plan for Africa

Cabinet to reject Liberal's plan for Africa

The Dutch Cabinet looks set to reject a proposal by MPs of one of the government parties to limit foreign aid in Africa to the west of the continent and exclude countries with weak and ineffective governments. The Liberal VVD parliamentary faction said aid should not be wasted in countries where the political situation was like a "wasp's nest". Instead it wants foreign aid concentrated on well-managed countries on the African continent.

'Whistle-blowing should be a civil duty'

Green left party GroenLinks has presented draft legislation to make 'whistle-blowing' a civil duty. The party feels that people who know their employer is illegally withholding tax should be obliged to report this to the authorities. The draft legislation was unveiled during a debate in Parliament Wednesday about the Dutch construction industry fraud scandal and the misreporting of profits by the US Foodservices unit of retail giant Ahold.

PM wants Bolkestein to stay on in Europe

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende wants Frits Bolkestein to stay on as the Dutch representative on the European Commission, sources said Wednesday. Bolkestein, 71, is currently European Commission for the Internal Market, Taxation and Customs Unions. The former leader of the Liberal VVD party said recently he doubted whether he should accept another term on the commission.

Housekeeper find murder victim

A housekeeper discovered the body of a 77-year-old man in his home in Brunssum on Wednesday morning. He had been murdered, the police later confirmed. Experts are examining the house for clues.

A'dam gets nature parks

To meet the growing demand for access to nature in increasingly-urban Amsterdam, two massive landscaped parks are to be built to the north and south of the city, the forestry commission said Wednesday. The project is based on the sustainable and accessible urban landscapes (SAUL) concept.

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