Dutch news in brief, 10 January 2006

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Parliament wants disinfectant mats

Parliament wants disinfectant mats

A majority of MPs demanded on Tuesday disinfectant mats be placed at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport and the airport at Rotterdam to allow passengers from Turkey to cleanse their shoes. Members of the government Christian Democrat and Liberal parties agreed with the opposition PvdA that mats could help prevent bird flu entering the Netherlands. Agriculture Minister Cees Veerman announced earlier this week that passengers from Turkey would face extra checks to see if they are smuggling birds or bird products - banned since the outbreak of a deadly strain of the bird flu virus in Turkey.

Aggressive dog was banned in Holland

The dog that attacked and dragged an infant by the face from a buggy on Saturday was probably on the list of breeds banned in the Netherlands, officials of the inspection service (AID) said on Tuesday. The owner of the dog was told it was an American Staffordshire terrier when he purchased it in Spain. There were no documents about its pedigree so it was not also not possible  to establish whether the dog came from pure-breed parents. Due to the lack of documentation, the animal did not comply with the law on aggressive dogs and was therefore illegal. The dog was put to sleep after the attack.

Insurers refused the right to refuse

Dutch MPs signalled on Tuesday they have no intention of granting health insurance companies the right to refuse to provide coverage under the new universal basisverzekering to defaulters and fraudsters. Liberal Party (VVD) elder statesman Hans Wiegel called for insurers to be given a temporary suspension of the acceptatieplicht to force certain people to pay up. Wiegel was speaking as chairman of the health insurance sector organisation Zorgverzekeraars Nederland. Insurance companies are worried some people will abuse the system by jumping from one company to the next, without paying their premiums. But the main government parties, including the Liberal VVD, shot down the idea straight away.

CDA favours keeping Borssele open

MPs of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende's Christian Democrat Party (CDA) expressed satisfaction on Tuesday about the government's decision to keep the Borssele nuclear power plant operational to 2033. The government had originally planned to close the only nuclear power station in the Netherlands much earlier. The agreement includes guarantees on safety and the government's commitment to spend EUR 250 million on sources of renewable energy.

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