Dutch minister wants to expand victims' right to speak at trials

29th October 2010, Comments 1 comment


Deputy Justice Minister Fred Teeven has informed parliament he wants to expand victims' rights to speak during trials. His plan was prompted by research of the University of Tilburg into the right of victims to speak at trials, which was introduced in 2005.

At present, the victim, or one of his next of kin, have the right to speak at the close of a trial. Mr Teeven wants to give victims the right to appoint a replacement if they are unable to speak themselves. The deputy minister also wants to allow more than one relative to speak. However, Mr Teeven wants to keep in place a limitation regarding content, which states that victims and their next of kin can only discuss the consequences of the crime.


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  • rabidhornfan posted:

    on 30th October 2010, 17:37:26 - Reply

    Here in the US (and from VERY personal experience) the victims have rights too- right after the criminals. While democracy insists ALL persons accused of a crime due and fair process, not much is done for the victims of their crimes other than "we're prosecuting him, what else do you want?". Other than being deposed during pre-trial proceedings and being called as a witness for the prosecution, victims rarely are heard outside of those two forums.

    Kudos to anyone trying to balance the rights of a defendant with the justice deserved by the victim.