Dutch mayors can impose curfew on disruptive minors

8th April 2009, Comments 4 comments

The curfew will make parents responsible for ensuring their children remain indoors and stay out of trouble in the evening.

THE HAGUE – Dutch mayors can now impose an evening curfew on children under the age of 12. 

Under the proposal, parents will be held responsible for ensuring their young children remain indoors. Parents who fail to do so could face criminal charges.

The measure is designed to combat problems caused by young troublemakers and to make parents more aware of their responsibilities in raising their children.

If parental control fails, officials could intervene and help the family.

The measure is part of a new, broader legislation which grants mayors and public prosecutors wider powers to take preventative measures.

The proposal, which was approved by the lower house of parliament Tuesday, was put forward by the Labour Party.

The justice ministry and city council have set aside EUR 2.5m for the two-year-long-experiment.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • Rastko Pocesta posted:

    on 28th July 2010, 13:17:24 - Reply

    The thing I would never except of such a great country like The Netherlands. We are back to the times of apartheid. I am shocked that neither Amnesty International, neither any other organization reacted on the horrific violation of the basic human rights guaranteed by all World conventions on the liberties of an individual, which includes right of free movement/freedom of movement. No comment on this. Was this adopted, did it enter force... oh, I can't believe... if my country would have a curfew, I would break it numerous times, as a sign of protest against the discriminatory laws. My life inspiration, Biljana Kovačević-Vučo, who was a jurist, said numerous times that individual can break a law, if law is discriminatory and unjust. The Dutch forget that the resistance but established The Netherlands and then liberated it, again, in 1945. The resistance was youth, a resisting and revolutionary youth. If the curfew happens, the dutch youth has my full support to make the revolution and liberate itself, from the discriminatory and apartheid Government.

    Article 13.

    (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
    (2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.
    (Universal Declaration of human rights, ratified by The Netherlands)
  • Kevin posted:

    on 8th April 2009, 23:28:33 - Reply

    The poster used the US as an example. They thought it was a great idea and could also apply to the United Kingdom. This is a multinational group. All responses are welcome. Don't take it personal.
    As a retired Police Officer, I feel curfews are not the sole solution. Community involvement both with police and the neighborhood is the answer. Police MUST be very visible, and sadly here in Holland that's not happening. The Police budget needs to be raised, but saying that, the Police need to get off their ass and do Police work, which I don't see here. Very sad. They'll give you a ticket if you talk to them and they don't like it. What cowards. They need to LISTEN to the public, it would make their jobs MUCH easier.
  • TVisserHoek posted:

    on 8th April 2009, 21:01:43 - Reply

    Why take the US for an example in anything concerning matters domestic. This is a country of 300 million, hundreds of times as large
    as any average European country.
    Stick to your Europe and you have all the opportunity for comparison you might ever want, derogatory and all...
  • shawndra posted:

    on 8th April 2009, 11:35:01 - Reply

    This is a great idea. Many places in the US have a curfew for all unsupervised youth under a certain age (sometimes 16, sometimes 18). We need this here in the UK where kids on the street at night are a real problem...