Dutch honour war victims in silence

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4 May 2005, AMSTERDAM — The Netherlands is honouring its wartime and peacekeeper casualties on Wednesday with a two-minute silence at 8pm.

4 May 2005

AMSTERDAM — The Netherlands is honouring its wartime and peacekeeper casualties on Wednesday with a two-minute silence at 8pm.

The national commemorative service is held on Dam Square in Amsterdam, where Queen Beatrix, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima are to lay wreathes at the national monument.

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende will address the nation in a service to be broadcast live on television on Nederland 2.

Eveline van Rijswijk, 17, will recite her winning poem 'Colour'. The school student writes that no colour has been designed for war: "Only freedom has colour".

At 8pm, a two-minute silence will be held at Dam Square and across the nation to honour victims from World War II, the wars since then and any peacekeeping operations the Dutch have been involved in.

Georgian President Michail Saakasjvili and his Dutch wife Sandra Roelofs will attend a ceremony on the island of Texel for Georgian soldiers killed on the Wadden Sea island in WWII. The Georgians were part of the German army, but revolted against the Germans in 1945.

In the Utrecht suburb of Lombok, Christians and Muslims were to jointly commemorate the victims of WWII.

A silent march will be held at camp Westerbork, where the 102,000 Dutch Jews who were killed in WWII were loaded onto trains bound for Nazi extermination camps.

Football fans will hold a two-minute silence in the Eindhoven stadium when PSV takes on AC Milan in the second round of their Champions League semi-final clash.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, who is locked in a corruption scandal, has reached a temporary truce with the opposition to travel to the Netherlands for a commemorative ceremony with war veterans on Monday.

Canadian troops led the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi Germany 60 years ago.

Meanwhile, all trains will stop at 8pm for two minutes and wreathes will be laid at train stations Amsterdam Central, Utrecht Central, The Hague Central, Rotterdam Central, Amersfoort and Roosendaal.

The Traffic Centre Netherlands is advising motorists to park their cars early in a bid to prevent people stopping on the sides of roadways to observe the two-minute silence.

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