Dutch elections = greater terrorism threat

Dutch elections = greater terrorism threat

12th April 2010, Comments 14 comments

There is a greater chance of political violence in the Netherlands or against Dutch nationals abroad in the run-up to the Dutch parliamentary elections on 9 June.

That’s the warning from the country’s National Anti-terrorism Coordinator Erik Akerboom. However, he says there are no concrete indications so far of any preparations for such violence.

The latest Dutch threat analysis – just published - states that the ‘Islam debate’ in the Netherlands may get out of hand. The threat could also increase after the elections if there are substantial changes to the political make-up of parliament, says Akerboom.

Current polls show that Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party – anti-Islam in its policies - could win many more seats.
Group or individual?

"The threat could come from any direction,” says Akerboom. "It could be politically motivated, by people with an agenda, who want change. Or it could come from people who have just lost touch with reality, but who are very upset about something.

We call these the lone-acting, confused individual threats." Just before the 2002 parliamentary elections, opposition candidate Pim Fortuyn was murdered by an environmental-animal rights activist, acting alone. "The bullet came from the Left," said his fellow party members at the time.
Akerboom’s analysis is based on several sources, including foreign ones. " Strong views are being expressed in the Islam debate.

And the debate isn’t just being followed in the Netherlands, but abroad as well. In particular, in Islamic countries and especially in ‘Jihad circles’," the anti-terrorism supreme observes.

"Internet and the media make it a small world. We have seen elsewhere in the world where incitement to violence and calls to action can lead to."
Geert Wilders

A few months ago, the national anti-terrorism coordinator concluded that the threat of Muslim violence in the Netherlands had decreased. Nevertheless, Akerboom acknowledges that the publicity surrounding politician Geert Wilders means there’s now also a greater risk outside the Netherlands. In countries where the al-Qaeda network operates, the chance of an attack on Dutch targets could be greater.

According to Akerboom, extremists pick on aspects of the Dutch debate about Islam to portray the Netherlands generally as a hostile country for Muslims.

'Say what you think'

In his election campaign, Geert Wilders doesn’t want to allow the threat of terrorism to hold him back. In a reaction he says,

"I operate within every rule and every law. I strive for less Islam in the Netherlands both in parliament and in my election manifesto. That is a legitimate standpoint. The fact that there is a threat of violence as a result is very bad. It is bad for every party and for democracy. But it would be even worse if we did not discuss these matters because of the threat of violence. You have to be able to say what you believe or what you think."

"Fear is a bad advisor, but it is good to be aware of the possible risks," Akerboom believes. "That way, when measures are taken, they are not such a surprise."
Anti-terrorism coordinator Erik Akerboom declines to say what precise measures are likely to be taken in the light of an increased threat of terrorism. But he does say that security for politicians may be increased.

Philip Smet

Radio Netherlands


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  • F. Dunham posted:

    on 15th April 2010, 08:30:16 - Reply

    Thank you..Nice to know you are in the world :)
    I moved from California to the Netherlands...California is very diverse still there are many things I learned by venturing out into the world, leaving my own culture behind and not only living with but excepting the experiences, cultures and attitudes of other people in the world. I learned to understand how mutual we are an also to appreciate our differences. I suggest everyone leave their comfort zone. It really does help to see the world through someone else s eyes...It's also very enlightening and can be refreshing...
  • cvs posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 20:52:31 - Reply

    F. Dunham ... that was a great comment and a great reply. I totally agree with you in every single point. I love diversity and multiculturality... I learned that it doesn't get any better than that! :)
  • F. Dunham posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 16:58:36 - Reply

    My implication was that after colonization, Europe hasn't a leg to stand on when it comes to telling people to go home. All peoples from all nations are all over this world. Which group do we sent back to the origins of their ancestors first? It was not to say that it was or wasn't okay for one group and is or isn't okay for another....Pay attention...
  • F. Dunham posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 16:51:50 - Reply

    Thumps is my husband...and that up there is his opinion without my input.
  • Thumps posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 16:49:49 - Reply

    This is a reply from my husband H. Middeljans..He's Dutch.

    We never asked for them to come here Tennant? Let me give you an example for that. And as for being Dutch, i DO know what i am talking about. In the 1960's the Dutch were flourishing, so people were TOO LAZY to do them dirty jobs. Did we mind then that we asked Moroccans come here for those jobs? NO! Why not, cause they would do it for minimum wages, so we didn't care. But when it went down with the prosperous times and their labour for minimum wages was no longer needed, we wanted to get rid of them . So what is our general white thing to do? Blame other folks that are not white European! As we so did in the 30's and 40's when the Jews were the bad guys, know we do it against Muslims (and it is spelled with an i!). Did we learn anything from history? Apparently NOT! Last thing, remember all them centuries of us robbing them poor and killing them off for what we saw as being right? Guess what.... If they would do the same thing to us what we did to them, we already be annihilated! Payback is a bitch! And we do use the Muslims as a scapegoat for all bad things happening, but look the truth up, and you will see its all orchestrated by whites and Muslim zealots! Not the entire Muslim faith!
  • F. Dunham posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 16:46:16 - Reply

    You Assume a lot. And you overlooked meaning of the message. Have you a good understanding of how the Turkish Muslims first arrived in the Netherlands? I think not. I doubt if you know people like me. We fight for what is right. We don't fight for tangible gain, we are not propagandized into fighting, we don't fight over things we have no control over such as race. We fight to defend not offend....
    I'm wide awake and I now deem you a somnambulist since we are assuming things about one another. I can live without personally attacking anyone and still get my point across...I see that talent escaped you. I wasn't around for WW1 and so I didn't get anything...What I am tired of is stupidity, ignorance and blind sheep!
  • notonthemoon posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 16:35:30 - Reply


    if it in your opinion was wrong then (Western expansion), why is it OK today (Muslim expansion)?

    You might be tired of most in the world, but people like you were tired after WW1 as well, and generally you got your way.

    Hopefully you wake up soon.
  • niatrue posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 16:28:11 - Reply

    Thanks, F.Dunham. This is a great forum, in the general sense of that word, but I'm sometimes dismayed by the articles on the site. They display piss-poor journalism.
  • F.Dunham posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 15:46:04 - Reply

    My sentiments exactly. It fell under my "propaganda" statement....Kudos for your exquisite perception...
  • niatrue posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 15:39:08 - Reply

    This is the laziest excuse for journalism I've ever seen. Consider:

    Per the security expert, "There is a greater chance of political violence in the Netherlands or against Dutch nationals abroad in the run-up to the Dutch parliamentary elections on 9 June....However, he says there are no concrete indications so far of any preparations for such violence."

    Duh! That means, he's expressing an opinion without a shred of evidence or reason. What this article should have been about is why he would make such a potentially explosive comment without a reason to back it up. In other words, he's just being paranoid and/or he's exciting fears without the groudns to do so because it suits some other agenda.

    This is what passes for journalism in the Netherlands?
  • F. Dunham posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 15:24:37 - Reply

    Were not Christianity and Catholicism spread through out the world by Europeans and was it not also done by force most times?

    We all seriously need to stop and reflect....Believe what we want, but we don't have to kill one another over it....
  • F. Dunham posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 15:13:18 - Reply

    D. Tennant,
    While I respect your position, I don't remember any other nation asking for Europeans to pour into their nations as they did either. The damage at that time to those people was just as great, the threat just as real and the consequences are still felt today. Only ignorance and stupidity would allow us to ignore that. Please don't use the "that was a long time ago" excuse. It may have been a long time ago to some, and just yesterday to those that still suffer the legacy and consequences.

    I think it's time we ALL took a step back and instead of analyzing our enemies alone, analyze what we each on our own and then as nations can do to bring a more positive outcome to not just this but all situations now plaguing the world.

    Whenever you have any sector or sect in any society that thinks, behaves and or believes itself to be better than another human being you will always have this type of ill will directed at someone or some nations peoples. Be it for reasons of religion, race, creed, greed or skin color.

    We must not always respect one another, but we don't have to disrespect one another as we so often do.

    When I was in elementary school whenever there was a problem be it a bully or any other problem between students. The two students were sat down with a mediator and it was discussed honestly and openly. Both parties had a say on what caused the problem and what measures could or or would solve it. But it took both parties no matter how upset or angry either side might have been to be willing to hear that truth and to come to a positive resolution. It took a mediator that was unbiased. It usually had a positive outcome because both sides felt they were acknowledged.

    As long as some of us in this world stick to the us against them mentality, matters not who us or them is, we are all doomed to the same fate of ignorance, fear and greed dissolving our existence as we know it....

    I for one am tired of the fighting, tired of the threats, tired of the wars, tired of the poverty, tired of the xenophobia, tired of handing over my rights to what are fast becoming tyrannical government actions in order to " protect" , and tired of wondering who's next.

    We are all human...We all basically want the same things from life...The same human rights shared equally. Yes, there are those that no matter what compromise we might try to reach will always find a negative road to travel. But it would be much easier to deal with that small faction in any society if there weren't so much hate, propaganda and greed causing hardship on the many to the benefit of a few....

    I pray for the day when being human is enough of a shared history to bring us all across this world together in tolerance if not peace...
  • omegaman posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 14:47:59 - Reply

    The Dutch have weathered the atrocities of WWII. The results of increased islamisation will bring more grief and despair than Hitler ever could. Ask your neighbors in Denmark and Sweden. Please do not submit to this insidious disaster.
  • D.Tennant posted:

    on 14th April 2010, 13:18:44 - Reply

    Islam does not belong in Christian Europe - not now, not EVER!
    The people who are behind the islamisation of that continent have
    to be brought to justice and punished severely. The European PEOPLE never asked for millions of Moslems to be poured into their countries!