Dutch couple pays EUR 160 for snack in India

17th November 2008, Comments 1 comment

Two Dutch tourists were tricked into paying EUR 160 for four samosas while visiting an annual cattle fair in eastern Bihar state.

17 November 2008

NEW DELHI - Two Dutch tourists were duped into paying 10,000 rupees (EUR 160) for a plate of samosas, an Indian snack which usually costs less than 10 rupees at a cattle fair in eastern Bihar state, a newspaper report said Monday.

The young couple ate four samosas while visiting the annual cattle fair in Sonpur on the outskirts of Bihar capital Patna.

Once they were done, they were told by the stall owner that the samosas were special as they were made of herbs with aphrodisiac qualities and cost 2,500 rupees each, the Hindustan Times reported.

After a heated argument, the couple paid up 10,000 rupees. While returning from the fair, they told a police officer of their experience. The police then intervened and made the shopkeeper return 9,990 rupees.

[dpa / Expatica]

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