Dutch chemical company "flounted regulations"

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Chemie-Pack, the Dutch chemical company which burned down last week, apparently repeatedly flounted environmental and fire safety regulations. The current affairs programme , which has seen inspection reports dating back to 2002, says that despite this it continued to be granted permits.

As early as October 2002 the Public Prosecutor's Office threatened Chemie-Pack with sanctions for contravening fire safety regulations. The company's automatic sprinkler system was not operating properly and the roof was not sufficiently fire-resistant. Between 2007 and 2009 inspectors reported that chemicals were not stored correctly.

Fierce chemical fires broke out at Chemie-Pack's plant in Moerdijk, south of Rotterdam, on Thursday last week. It took firefighters over 30 hours to get the blaze under control. 

Professor of Environmental Science Lucas Reijnders, who studied the documents for the TV programme, says the company should have been shut down.


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