Dutch cartoonist arrested in discrimination case

16th May 2008, Comments 7 comments

The internet cartoonist, Gregorius Nekschot, was arrested for publishing cartoons that are considered insulting to people of colour.

16 May 2008

AMSTERDAM - After a lengthy investigation by the Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office, Amsterdam police detained a cartoonist on Tuesday in connection with the publication of cartoons that could be considered insulting or discriminatory towards Muslims or people of colour.

The cartoonist, who works under the pseudonym Gregorius Nekschot and chiefly publishes on the internet, was released on Wednesday. The artist's home was also searched and material was seized.

The arrest follows a complaint made by an imam against the cartoonist, who has concealed his identity in order to avoid unnecessary risks since 2005.

On Thursday evening, Democrat 66 MP Boris van der Ham called on Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin to provide an explanation for the arrest.

Van der Ham says that although the cartoonist is seen as "extremely controversial", many issues and questions have been raised by this week's events.

text by Radio Netherlands / Expatica
cartoon by Gregorius Nekschot 

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7 Comments To This Article

  • wordsofpower posted:

    on 18th May 2008, 23:46:03 - Reply

    Nobody wants to say it, so I will. Non muslims like me must prepare ourselves for the violent struggle that lies ahead. We must say no to this perverted religion and culture today! It is time to push back. Don't be fooled by the so-called moderate Muslims. The words moderate and radical do not exist in the Koran. These words are only used by the west as comfort because we cannot imagine that a religion could ask it's believers to carry out such perverted, violent acts that Islam demands of EVERY true Muslim! This cancer must be beaten back where ever it threatens the non-Muslim world. Are you listening Germany? Are you listening Italy? Non muslims in Europe need to start building families again. Teach your children any values but those espoused in the Koran.
  • john doe posted:

    on 18th May 2008, 20:07:00 - Reply

    everybody's coloured otherwise you wouldn't be able to see them
  • Caveat Lector posted:

    on 18th May 2008, 14:26:04 - Reply

    Expatica should be more careful to get the full and balanced news.

    1) It wasn't a "lengthy" investigation. The initial complaint by - surprise surprise - a Muslim convert, Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven, was in 2005. Until recently the police and public prosecutor's office did nothing. It took them all of a few hours to find out the real details of 'Gregorius Nekschot' by demanding information from his ISP.
    2) The 'offended' Muslim, Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven, is the same person who said "he hoped anti-immigration populist Geert Wilders would soon die" (http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/004040.php). No doubt he would agree with the Islamic statement that all kafirs (infidels, you and me) are "pigs and apes". The sort of virulent poison you can see and hear from almost any Muslim mosque any Friday.
    3) The issue is not about "people of colour", it is about the religion of the 'perpetually offended' - Islam - and Islamic activists using the very freedoms and laws they wish to destroy and replace with Islamic Sharia religous law, to attack those same freedoms. Freedoms which they categorically say are against (their) god's laws.

    It is not against Muslim individuals which 'the West' has to contend, but the socio-legal-religious belief framework called Islam. Islam is inimical to western culture and freedoms, and can not, and will not, ever change because to do that would mean throwing out half of the Koran, an impossible act because Muslims state that the Koran in totality is inviolable because it is (their) god's word.

  • wordsofpower posted:

    on 18th May 2008, 06:55:14 - Reply

    They are actually arresting a cartoonist in Amsterdam!?! Free speech is dead. The Dutch have surrendered without a shot being fired! Shame. Shame. Shame. The great Muslim religion and culture of death has brought the world such wonderful innovations such as female genital mutilation, suicide bombers and mass murder in the name of Allah. Now get ready for Sharia law in the Netherlands. god help you.
  • john doe posted:

    on 16th May 2008, 23:36:43 - Reply

    This cartoonist has exercised his right to free expression and produced work that can be deemed offensive or insulting to Christians,Jews and Muslims. But they only arrest him when he 'insults' Muslims. This is outrageous and if this surrendering to Muslim demands continues there will be a civil war. Nobody has the right not to be offended and when non-Muslims realise the arrogant and supremacist game the Muslims are playing, they will fight back and hopefully elect someone into power who is willing to defend their culture and not humiliate themselves and betray their people by brown nosing the Islamofascists.
  • zap12 posted:

    on 16th May 2008, 23:26:27 - Reply

    The Dutch are shit scared! They are in big whole and the stupid left just keeps digging. Once the Muslims have 10% of the population they can manipulate the political system. Guess what they passed that number in 2000, hence the arrest, go figure.
  • john doe posted:

    on 16th May 2008, 16:16:23 - Reply

    Why not insult Muslims? they insult us with their beliefs....hatred of the infidels. It's not a crime to insult neo-Nazis or the KKK or Scientologists or any other whacko cults. And make no mistake, Islam is a cult and a dangerous one. So to arrest this guy for insulting Muslims is an insult to free speech and an act of appeasement.