Dutch-born congressman's couch placed in museum

9th February 2011, Comments 3 comments

The couch is "the perfect symbol of Dutch thriftiness" according to the curator of the Holland Museum in the state of Michigan. Dutch-born US congressman Pete Hoekstra used to sleep on the couch in his office to save hotel bills.

Pete Hoekstra was born in the north-eastern Dutch city of Groningen and moved to the United States as a child. He served 18 years as Republican member of the House of Representatives for the district of Holland, Michigan, a town founded in 1847 by Dutch Americans.

He spent the last eight years sleeping on the couch and the ten years before that on a smaller version in his office. He also used the black leather couch to emphasize his thrifty nature in his campaign ads for governor of Michigan - or rather he used a replica, since the rules do not allow the use of federal property in a political campaign.

Since the real couch was the property of the federal government, the museum had to pay for it - 1,600 dollars. It will be placed in the lobby of the museum but no one will be allowed to sit on it, let alone sleep on it.


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  • Khalid Ahmed Chaudry posted:

    on 11th February 2011, 11:49:16 - Reply

    @ Emmitt Mak, Thanks for your comments, let me please join you and share you many things, that yes on this heavenly planet there have been/are many of our fellow human beings who were/are source of many miserable circumstances being faced by the rest of the world (story of Pete Hoekstra was just a example of success (in good or bad sence) of an individual and nothing else.

    Any way my friend, you and I have the civic responsibilities to keep on with our positive efforts towards people right and peace on earth.
    Wishing you all the best in your life.
  • Emmitt Mak posted:

    on 11th February 2011, 00:54:51 - Reply

    Representative Hoekstra was a vile man who helped usher in the finacial crisis that we have today, as well as a litany of legislation that the Dutch public would fin horrifying had it been done in their fine country. Wars, money to the rich, suffering to the poor, you name it.
    I love the Netherlands, I love the people that are my freinds there. But just because they are Dutch would not absolve them of responsibility were they bad humans doing bad things.
    It is great though, I agree, that a Dutchman or a Black man could become an important person in such a big country.
  • Khalid Ahmed Chaudry posted:

    on 10th February 2011, 11:27:00 - Reply

    It's a remarkable story of the US Congressman Mr.Pete Hoekstra (born in Groningen, Netherlands). Being a Dutch citizen I felt proud of knowing his wonderful progress. He should be an example for all of us, and for those who find them in the circumstances one can be in our lives.

    I am thankful to Radio Netherlands as well as to the Exptica.Com for helping me to know about mijn landgenot (at least geboren/getogen in mijn kikkerlandtje) who could become Cogressman of the United States of America! (from The Hague, Netherlands)