Dutch airline opens probe after pilot locked out of cockpit

30th January 2013, Comments 5 comments

Low-cost Dutch airline Transavia has opened a probe after one of its pilots was locked out of the cockpit mid-flight after his co-pilot fell asleep, Dutch authorities said Wednesday.

The incident, which occurred on a Boeing 737 flight to Crete in Greece in September, was made public by the Dutch safety board (OVV) in a quarterly report published on its website. The body called it a "serious" incident.

"After two and a half hours in the air the captain of the Dutch-registered plane left the cockpit to go to the toilet," the OVV said.

"A little later he wanted to return to the cockpit. When he used the intercom to call the first officer to open the door he got no reaction.

"When he managed to get into the cockpit, he found the first officer asleep," the OVV said, adding that Transavia was investigating the incident.

The OVV said it would decide what action to take after receiving Transavia's report.

Transavia is a subsidiary of Air France-KLM.

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5 Comments To This Article

  • carrico posted:

    on 18th February 2013, 10:58:48 - Reply

    They call it 'defensive driving' here in The States.
  • osita posted:

    on 8th February 2013, 21:18:02 - Reply

    The naivety of people is astounding. Does this one incident make every pilot of this one airline incompetent? Does it make every pilot of *your country* perfect? Name me a country and I can find an equivalent dangerous, man-made incident (unless you come from a country with a media blackout and plenty to hide0.

    In the same way, all the training and experience you've had as a pedestrian won't prevent you from being killed/injured on the roads. Accidents happen: To err is human.
  • Steve Pollock posted:

    on 1st February 2013, 15:36:58 - Reply

    Seems lucky he managed to get back into the cockpit! What if he could not get back in, and the other officer did not wake up? Not very good anyway is it? I will avoid this airline - is like a scene from the comedy film "Airplane" .
  • carrico posted:

    on 31st January 2013, 15:49:57 - Reply

    Truck drivers wisely use empty bottles while driving.
  • Simon Keys posted:

    on 30th January 2013, 17:06:03 - Reply

    Yes, I would rather have a British pilot flying me. Best in the world.