Dutch Neo-Nazi sperm donated "for whites only"

6th September 2010, Comments 1 comment


A Dutch neo-Nazi has offered to donate his sperm to four fertility clinics in the Netherlands in an effort to promote what he calls "a strong white race". Patrick de Bruin attached the condition that his sperm should only be used for white couples' infertility treatment.

An investigation by public broadcaster VARA and the Kafka research group revealed that two clinics agreed to his conditions. One of the hospitals later decided to destroy the sperm donated by the ideologically motivated donor. The incident prompted calls from fertility doctors for stricter guidelines.

Mr De Bruin wrote on an extreme-right web forum that he was donating his "Aryan seed" in order to compensate for the high birth rate among Muslims. He wants as many blond blue-eyed children to be born as possible, he wrote on the Stormfront site.

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  • Tuliper posted:

    on 7th September 2010, 14:58:34 - Reply

    why do they put any stock or pay any attention to the nutjobs in holland???