Dutch Islam critic meets foreign minister on charges in Jordan

26th June 2008, Comments 1 comment

Islamic group, “Messenger of Allah United Us,” charges Geert Wilders with incitement against Islam over his film Fitna.

26 June 2008

NETHERLANDS - Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders praised Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen for taking Jordan's decision to charge Wilders with incitement against Islam seriously, news reports said Thursday.

"It speaks to his credit although I am not at all comfortable about the situation," the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party said Thursday, a day after talking with Verhagen.

Wilders had requested the meeting to discuss the consequences of a Jordan public prosecutor's decision to charge him over his 16-minute political film Fitna, released late March.

In the film, Wilders expressed his concern about what he called the Islamization of the Netherlands and the spreading of Muslim fundamentalism in Europe.

The group that pressed charges against Wilders in Jordan calls itself the Messenger of Allah United Us.

Wilders said he and Verhagen discussed whether it was likely that another country that he might visit would extradite him to Jordan.

Theoretically, Jordan could file an extradition application through Interpol to a country that Wilders might visit.


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  • Jimmy posted:

    on 26th June 2008, 15:36:48 - Reply

    Let's start a petition to have this unsavoury character extradited to Jordan