Dutch Gazprom manager assaulted by banker's bodyguards

16th November 2010, Comments 0 comments


A Dutch businessman in Moscow was run off the road and beaten up by the bodyguards of a Russian banker on Sunday.

The Moscow Times reports that Mr Jorrit Faassen, a 30-year-old manager for the Russian gas company Gazprom, was driving around Moscow in his BMW on Sunday evening when two cars cut him off. The paper writes that seven men with baseball bats got out, broke the windows of Mr Faassen's car, and attacked him.

The Dutch businessman, who was slightly injured, reported the license plates of the two cars to the police, who were able to arrest the seven men shortly afterward. The Russian news agency Interfax reports they were bodyguards for the owner of the small Russian bank Trado-Bank. The bank owner and his bodyguards have been taken into custody.


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