Donations to Verdonk's party publicised

24th September 2008, Comments 0 comments

Rita Verdonk says it’s “really awful” that details of her party’s donations were revealed.

24 September 2008

AMSTERDAM -- Dutch television's current affairs programme Netwerk revealed details of donations to the political party Proud of the Netherlands (TON).

The party was started in October 2007 by former immigration minister and controversial right-wing politician Rita Verdonk after she left the conservative VVD party.

Donations from media tycoon John de Mol, real estate agent Harry Mens, businesswoman Sylvia Tóth and property magnate Chris Thunnessen are reportedly detailed in the party's accounts. It also reveals that hundreds of people made smaller donations to TON, totalling about EUR 700,000.

Verdonk described the publicising of her party's donors as "really awful". She also admitted that, early in her political career, she was a member of the PSP, one of the forerunners of the present Green Left party.

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