Do you want to vote in the Dutch national elections?

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Are you Dutch, living abroad and wanting to vote in the elections of 9 June? Here's how to do that.

Please fill in the registration form on the website of the municipality of the Hague before 27 April.  Fill it in, print it and send it back to the municipality of the Hague. Make sure that the form is signed. Please note that your registration should be received before 27 April! 

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Questions & answers

1.    Why do I have to register?

  • All Dutch citizens with a Dutch passport of ID are eligible to vote. Due to the fact that you are not living in the Netherlands, you are not registered at the municipality. Therefore you must do a one-time registration at the municipality of the Hague.
  • Dutch citizens living in the Dutch Antilles and Aruba have a right to vote if they have lived in the Netherlands for at least ten years, or if they work in the Dutch public service.

2.    Where can I register?

  • On the website of the municipality of the Hague. It is also possible to get the form from a Dutch embassy or consulate.

3.    When do I have to register?

  • The form, which must be signed and sent with a copy of a passport or ID, has to be received by the municipality of the Hague, by an embassy or a consulate ultimately on 27 April.

4.    What do I do with a filled registration form?

  • You will have to print it, sign it and send it together with a copy of your passport or ID to the municipality of the Hague, or alternatively to a Dutch embassy or consulate.

5.    I registered already in 2006, do I have to do it again?

  • You will have to register again, as it is a one-time only registration. However, the registration form will be sent to your home address.

6.    Do I vote already as I register?

  • No. You will have to choose if you want to vote by mail, in person in the Netherlands or if you are authorising someone to vote for you. What you n

7.    I have registered, how can I vote on 9 June?

  • If you are voting by mail, you will receive the necessary documents by mail three weeks before the elections.  You will have to fill in these documents and send them back. They must be received by 15h00 on 9 June by the municipality of the Hague.
  • If you wish to vote in person in the Netherlands, you will receive your ballot paper two weeks before the elections. You can vote anywhere in the Netherlands.
  • If you have authorised someone to vote on your behalf, the person will be sent a proof of authorisation.

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