Danish police vows 'unprecedented' mobilisation at climate talks

26th November 2009, Comments 0 comments

Police forces from all of Denmark would ensure no "troublemakers" taint the event on December 7-18.

Copenhagen -- Danish police said Tuesday they planned "unprecedented" mobilisation to guarantee the safety of the 30,000 participants expected at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen next month.

Chief inspector Per Larsen did not specify the size of the police force to be deployed, saying the number would stay confidential.

"This is undoubtedly the largest conference ever organised in Denmark, and it calls for unprecedented police mobilisation and material assistance from neighbouring countries," he told AFP

Police forces from all of Denmark would ensure no "troublemakers" taint the event on December 7-18, he added.

The Danish parliament has allotted a special budget of 620 million kroner (83.22 million euros, 124.41 million dollars) to the police for the climate conference.

"We want this summit and its associated events to be a celebration and not the occasion to destroy our city, as claimed by some small extremist groups," Larsen said.

Police will engage in a "dialogue with all non-governmental organisations (NGOs), those that are well organised and others," in order to come to "agreements" to ensure all demonstrations are peaceful and non-violent.

Larsen also said that because it did not have the necessary resources, Danish police would borrow helicopters and police cars from neighbouring Sweden, as well as cars and police dogs from Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and "probably from Belgium."

The Danish parliament is expected to adopt before December 7 a series of new measures such as higher fines and increased detention times to crack down on violent protestors.

The talks in Copenhagen, under the 192-nation UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), aim to craft a post-2012 pact for curbing the heat-trapping gases that drive perilous global warming.


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