D66 pledges to support Cabinet, sort of

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5 July 2006, AMSTERDAM — The formation of a minority government between the Christian Democrats (CDA) and the Liberals (VVD) is almost complete.

5 July 2006

AMSTERDAM — The formation of a minority government between the Christian Democrats (CDA) and the Liberals (VVD) is almost complete.

Queen Beatrix named Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende formateur on Wednesday afternoon. He will be responsible for putting in place the government to run the country until after the general election on 22 November.

Mark Rutte and Maxime Verhagen, the leaders of the parliamentary parties of the VVD and CDA respectively, said on Wednesday that Balkenende III will be completed by Friday or early next week.

Earlier Ruud Lubbers, chairman of the formation talks, said in his final report that the coalition had a "clear majority" in parliament for its most important task: the introduction of a full budget for next year.

Lubbers said the Liberal Democrat D66 is ready to support the main mission of Balkenende's new government from the opposition benches.

D66 caused a political crisis last week when it withdrew from the three-party coalition with the CDA and VVD over its hostility to Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk (VVD).

D66 leader Lousewies van der Laan said at the time that her party still supported the financial policies and most of the social measures pursued by Balkenende II over the last three years.

LPF leader Gerard van As asked rhetorically why the crisis of last week was necessary, given that D66 is still supporting the government again. The populist party said it would also support the government but it warned Balkenende not to try to implement controversial media and energy company legislation before the election.

Lubbers told a press conference that D66 may not support all the government decisions and it would have to seek support from other parties for these issues. He has drawn up a list of subjects that would be risky for the government to deal with and has given it to Balkenende.

The talks chairman said the parties would have to decide for themselves what areas the government should be reticent to deal with.

Van der Laan indicated on Wednesday evening that her party may table a motion of no confidence in the new government to underline its opposition to the inclusion of Verdonk. The small Christian parties, SGP and ChristenUnie, said they would not support such a motion.

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