Cutbacks: why aren't the Dutch protesting?

4th July 2011, Comments 6 comments

The Netherlands is currently witnessing the imposition of cuts in public spending worth billions of euros. RNW looks at why the Dutch haven't protested so far.

The Netherlands is currently witnessing the imposition of cuts in public spending worth billions of euros. They are set to have an impact in every sector of society. Yet there have been no mass demonstrations so far. Is this because the population actually thinks the savings being made are quite reasonable? Or is there something else involved?

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  • Joey Jones posted:

    on 7th July 2011, 14:38:13 - Reply

    @Tomword - I have no idea what you are on about but boy do you sound pissed about it lol. Life here is good, and if you are unfortunate enough or too lazy to be able to work you are provided for. Whats there to be angry about?
  • AJVaughn posted:

    on 6th July 2011, 19:27:40 - Reply

    I was just there a couple of weeks ago and watched a transportation protest near the Waterlooplien. It was orderly and professional. The Dutch do it maturely for the most part. I sympathize with them.
  • Ray posted:

    on 6th July 2011, 17:00:31 - Reply

    The majority of the Dutch people now realize that their wealth is based on debt which they don't want to leave for their children and grandchildren. The cuts have an impact on all sectors and most carry their responsibility well. With regard to the cultural sector: the Netherlands is a strange country. Still millions are burned in the cultural sector while we have no money to pay nurses to take care of elderly people and teachers to educate our children.
  • Howard posted:

    on 6th July 2011, 13:13:50 - Reply

    Home mortgage tax deductibility serves no useful purpose and should be scrapped. This would save millions in unnecessary subsidies paid out to those better off than the majority. You won't find the short-sighted conservatives calling for this though because they prefer to feather their own and their constituents' nests.
  • Tomword posted:

    on 5th July 2011, 08:45:58 - Reply

    Mr. Jones should return to the Reagan Plantation aka the US plutocracy where he feels at home. The coalition's misguided cuts, born in the fear and hysteria of 2008, are being protested everywhere, from public transport to the cultural sector. This is a "stay-tuned" moment where the general public expects that most of the cuts will be modified or scrapped. If they are not and, as forecast, kick the vibrant Dutch economy into a slump, the government will simply collapse. This is how a social democracy works, Mr. Jones.
  • Joey Jones posted:

    on 4th July 2011, 16:21:28 - Reply

    Actually there have been protests against the cuts (and extra BTW tax rise) in the cultural sector. But why should we protest?

    Most people have a job and do not have the opportunity to take a day(s) off to protest. That is the reserve of the lefties on handouts.