"Curacao's autonomy premature"

27th September 2010, Comments 0 comments


The former Dutch colony of Curaçao is ill-prepared for its new status as an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, according to its Prime Minister designate Gerrit Schotte.

He told daily that the planned move to autonomy, scheduled for 10 October 2010, is premature. "It's a chaos. We're not ready yet."

"Curaçao only exists on paper. We have nothing to celebrate in a country where children barely receive any education or even food," Mr Schotte said. His government was elected on a promise of anti-bureaucracy, anti-corruption and anti-poverty. The incoming prime minister expects he will need quite a bit of Dutch help in the near future, maybe even for "ten or fifteen years".

"There's nothing I'd rather be than an independent country, but it's simply impossible at this stage," Mr Schotte said in on Monday.

The current status of the Netherlands' six former colonies in the Caribbean is up for renewal as the 1954 statute of the realm has expired. Curaçao and St Maarten will join Aruba as countries with autonomy within the Kingdom, while Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba will get the same status as municipalities in the Netherlands' homeland.


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