Curacao seek more information over missing Hogan

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The police in Curacao want to know more about the events leading to US vice consul James Hogan’s disappearance and general information on his social life.

Curacao – Police in the Dutch Antilles island Curacao have appealed for information to help solve the case of the missing US vice consul James Hogan in a special television broadcast.

The 49-year-old vice consul went missing on 24 September after he went out for a walk at about 11pm. His wife reported him missing the next morning.

Since then, some of his clothes - a pair of jeans, socks and shoes - neatly folded but covered with blood, was found on Baya Beach, many kilometres from his home. A large kitchen knife covered in blood was found nearby. Tests revealed the blood was that of Hogan’s. His mobile telephone was also found later in the water.

In the TV broadcast, police asked the public for information about events that night and general information on Hogan's social life as rumours circulating the island about his private life are contradictory.

The rumours range from his visits to gay bars to him having a preference for Latin American women.

Police are also asking viewers to identify the knife, which was an expensive brand.

During a reconstruction of events that night, places and times were mentioned regarding the vice consul’s possible movements. The police are especially keen to get in touch with the driver of a white two-door BMW, although no reason was given as to why.

Few leads despite wide search
Antillean coastguard and US navy helicopters and underwater robots have been used to scour the whole island and the sea around it.

The water between Baya Beach and Spaans Water (an inland lake with an open passage to the sea) has been dredged. Police had thought the vice consul's body might have been washed into the lake by the strong currents around the lesser Antillean island. Posters have been distributed and local residents have been questioned.

The FBI and US State Department have also involved in the search for the missing man. The Dutch Forensic Institute is also helping with the investigation.
Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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