Cost-cuts led to no riot police at fatal beach party

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Riot police were supposedly taken off duty as part of a cost-cutting measure.

Rotterdam – No riot police were on duty at the fatal beach party which left one dead and six others injured because the local Rotterdam-Rijnmond police chief wanted to cut cost, reports AD newspaper.

The cost-cutting decision was taken even though the police had received tip-offs that hooligans were planning to disrupt the event.

The paper reports riot police were actually taken off duty shortly before the shooting at the free beach party at Sunset Grooves.

One 19-year-old man was shot dead at the event, and six other people were injured.

In response to AD’s allegations, the chairman of the police union ACP, Gerrit van de Kamp, said “a border has been crossed”, if cost-cutting measures were carried out at the expense of the public’s safety.

Van Kamp also added future cost-cutting measures would also make it impossible for police to guarantee the safety of the public and fellow officers at such events in future.

Meanwhile, the public prosecution department in The Hague has taken over the investigation from officials in Rotterdam.

There are presently conflicting reports as to who actually fired shots during the rioting.

Sources within the police said only police officers who came under attack by a large mob fired in self-defence.

However, the public prosecutor’s office is not ruling out the possibility that the police were not the first to open fire.

The police internal investigations department is also currently trying to trace more video footage of the free party.

The department hopes witnesses’ mobile phone films could shed light on the course of events that led up to the shooting. The public can upload their films to the police internal investigations department website, or pass them on to a public service TV crime programme.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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