Corruption at Dutch army's materiel service

1st February 2011, Comments 0 comments

Newspaper de Volkskrant reports that staff at the Defensie Materieel Organisatie Defence Material Organisation, or DMO, are dealing in drugs, laptops and army supplies such as paint and car parts.

The report is based on statements made to de Volkskrant by Dutch soldiers. They allege that service cars and other army materiel is being used for private purposes. A staff member at the Frederik barracks in The Hague says that his colleagues use service cars to go on holiday and army trucks for the local carnival club's annual parade. He said that illegal cigarettes, Viagra, and drugs like GHB and amphetamines were being sold at the baracks.

The statements allege that the culture of corruption is being reinforced by senior officers and civilian staff who cover each other. Staff members who object to the situation are reportedly being intimidated, while others simply look the other way when staff misappropriate defence materiel.

The defence ministry conducted an internal investigation into the DMO in 2008 and 2009, the conclusion of which was that the organisation was like "an open shop" and was engaged in "risky operational management." When these conclusions were leaked in November, Defence Minister Hans Hillen spoke of 'incidents' and refused to release the report.


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