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In an interview with Democrats Abroad members, Bob Bragar (Chair) and Kevin Motay (Member at Large), We learn a bit about Bill Clinton’s personality, the Clinton Global Initiative and how everyone can do that little 'extra'.

Kevin Motay poses with Clinton

On meeting up with Bob and Kevin at Bob’s home in Amsterdam, my first question was to ask about Bill Clinton himself. Clinton was "charismatic" said Bob, something he's always been known for. He comes across as an impressive and influential man.

The Rotterdam visit focused on the Clinton Global Initiative, a non-profit, non-partisan organisation meant to bring leaders together to effect change. He was also there to promote his book Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World.

Clinton's speech focused on global warming and terrorism. Bob remarked that the setting was intimate, with no visible security.

Clinton reminds people “politics can be a good thing” and a “force for change” said Bob. Clinton said that to combat political apathy, people just need to be reminded of the issues that matter – the issues that people do care about but sometimes forget they can affect.

For expatriates especially, the Democrats Abroad members stressed that people need to express themselves politically and most importantly remember to vote. Specifically for Americans, many tools exist on the Internet to continue their political involvement abroad, including

Kevin added that people need to “get involved” any way they can. As Clinton says in his book Giving, people can all give a little “extra” to the world to better it for themselves and their communities. 

My final question for Bob "If Hilary were to win the election, how would Bill Clinton set the precedent as First Gentleman?" initially stumped him. But, after a moment of thought, he concluded "the man would be magnificent."

26 October 2007

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Allison Mistica  is a freelance writer based in Holland.

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