Chemical dust on Spijkenisse

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4 April 2007, AMSTERDAM – A cloud of dust from a Shell facility settled on Spijkenisse-Noord last night.

4 April 2007

AMSTERDAM – A cloud of dust from a Shell facility settled on Spijkenisse-Noord last night.

Tests by the Rijnmond Central Environmental Service (DCMR) have shown that the white powder that settled on Spijkenisse-Noord in the early hours of Wednesday consists primarily of sand.

The concentration of toxic elements in the sand is so low and the molecules so large that it has little if any effect on human health. The dust may cause irritation on contact with skin and eyes however.

The fire brigade says the substance was released because of a power failure at a Shell location in the Rotterdam Botlek area. The dust was emitted when operation resumed after the power failure.

Police have reported several people with eye irritation. The emergency services recommend that skin is washed thoroughly after contact with the dust. Any clothing that comes in contact with the dust should not be shaken out but washed.

The emergency services are advising car owners whose vehicles are coated in the dust not to wash their cars yet.

"The DCMR tests must be definitively completed first before it is clear how everything should be cleaned."

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