Calling all women expats!

5th March 2009, Comments 0 comments

How do you perceive the quality of life abroad compared to your home-country?

Expatica and Ruigrok / NetPanel is inviting all expat women to take part in an online survey to share their perspective on  the quality of life and work culture in their current country of residence. 

As an expat woman, are you loving the culture, making progress in your professional life, enjoying the weather and social life, pleased with the standard of childcare in your adopted country?  We'd love to have your view. 

The eight-minute survey includes questions such as “How do you rate your working conditions?”, “What are  the  greatest  challenges you face as a female expatriate?” and “What resource / support would you like to see for women in your country of residence?”

Last year, a similar Expatica poll revealed 74 percent of women living  across all six Expatica countries were very satisfied or satisfied with their lives abroad. Foreign women living in Switzerland, France and Belgium ranked the highest in satisfaction levels while those in Spain and Germany polled the lowest. Click here for the full report.

Click here to fill out the survey. Survey participants stand to win a USD 25 voucher.

Ruigrok / NetPanel is a market research agency based in Amsterdam.

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