Boom Chicago’s Yankee Come Back premieres 1 April 2009 and opens New York Nights (show)

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Comedy ensemble Boom Chicago’s new show Yankee Come Back will be the official kick-off of the festivities of the City of Amsterdam, the New York Nights, for the celebration of “New Amsterdam 2009”.

This year marks the 400-year anniversary of the Dutch discovering New York, then New Amsterdam. New York Nights is organised by the City of Amsterdam and the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs. The festivities start 1 April and go on until 6 April. Alderwoman Carolien Gehrels will attend Yankee Come Back and will officially open the New York Nights festivities at Boom Chicago. 

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Yankee Come Back
Boom Chicago’s new show will be the perfect opening to celebrate the ties between America and the Netherlands. The world is excited about the arrival of Barack Obama. Is this the comeback for American leadership on the world stage? Can the U.S. climb out of the political and economic malaise that eight years of George W. Bush have left behind? Boom Chicago is optimistic.

Time for Boom Chicago to take a closer, critical look at both Americans and Dutch people. In a multimedia spectacle of fast sketches, improvisations, videos, internet and live music, the actors of Boom Chicago examine the relationship between the two countries that has lasted 400 years. How will that relationship proceed in the future and how do both groups of citizens think about themselves and each other?

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Boom Chicago

In their 16-year history, Yankee Come Back is the 33rd show already from comedy ensemble Boom Chicago. In 1993, Boom Chicago introduced improvisation comedy to the Netherlands and helped grow it into the script-less, popular art form it is today. Under the direction of Andrew Moskos, Saskia Maas and Jon Rosenfeld, Boom Chicago has grown into an international comedy institute that makes Holland proud. Boom Chicago performs nine shows a week in their own theatre on the Leidseplein and 200 shows per year on location worldwide on the festival circuit and in the B2B segment. In the past 16 years, more than 1.5 million people have seen a Boom Chicago show.


Leidseplein Theater Leidseplein 12, Amsterdam

Show times:
In April and May you can see the show on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (two shows)

Tuesday and Thursday: doors open and dinner is served at 18:30. Show time is 20:15.
Saturday doors open and dinner is served at 18:00 and 20:30. Show time is 19:30 and 22.30

Tickets: €20, Saturday first show €24,-

Yankee Come Back plays the whole year. Please visit the website for an up to date show schedule.

To book tickets, call (020) 423 0101. For groups, email

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