Book launch in Amsterdam: How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth

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American author in the Netherlands, Barbara Rogoski has had one of her articles, included in New Book: “How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth” with Barack Obama, Al Gore, Warren Buffett and other great thinkers, leaders and writers. Rogoski will host the launch of the book in Amsterdam.

Rogoski’s essay entitled, Homeless Meals and Racial Harmony is about the meals for the homeless project she co-founded in 2006 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Her article is one of a hundred contributions from such notable personalities as Al Gore, Tony Blair, Nicholas Kristof, Thomas L. Friedman, and Pres. Barack Obama who explore variations on the themes of peace, security, freedom, democracy, prosperity, spiritual and racial harmony, ecology, health, and moral purpose and meaning.

How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth is the brainchild of New Orleans writer, editor, and philanthropist John E. Wade II who decided to ask some of our most prestigious thinkers, writers, artists, experts, and leaders to consider how to improve the world.

The book is available from and Barnes & Noble.

All proceeds from book sales through Barbara Rogoski’s website: will be donated to the meals for the homeless project through a Heaven on Earth Fund set up by Rogoski to give back to the local community in The Hague.

Book launch in Amsterdam

24 April
American Bookstore Amsterdam Treehouse
From 15:00 – 16:30
Click here for more information.

At the book launches, Barbara will present the lecture, 'Reflections on How to Create a Heaven on Earth" based on the thoughts and ideas presented in this book. Barbara will explain the ten elements needed to achieve a heaven on earth and will open the floor for discussion and answer questions.

Entrance fee is Euro 10.00 at the event and space is limited, so email Barbara to reserve your place at or call 06 23 898 717.

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