Biking to work boosts health and profits: Dutch survey

27th January 2009, Comments 3 comments

Travelling to work by bike is both good for your health and can boost a company's profits, the Dutch transport ministry said Monday.

THE HAGUE - "Employees who regularly travel to work by bike are, on average, ill one day less a year than the others. Therefore they are better value," Transport Secretary Tineke Huizinga said in a statement.

Almost a third of Dutch people bicycle to work at least three times a week.

"If this number increases by one percent, companies can save around 27 million euros (25 million dollars) every year" in sick leave, said Ingrid Hendriksen, a consultant at TNO research centre which carried out a study on the issue for the government.

Since late 2008 the government has allocated 70 million euros on encouraging people to cycle to work, transport ministry spokeswoman Anne van der Vliet told AFP.

"More measures have been decided upon, such as improving cycle lanes between peoples' home and work and increasing the number of places to park bikes at train stations," she added.

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  • Voodoo Doll posted:

    on 27th January 2009, 15:58:23 - Reply

    I said a nice BIG FAT tax break, I pay so much in taxes and I get little of a tax break for having a kid not to even matter if I bike in the horrible weather of NL to work... Again the words big and fat where in the sentence not a little piss off bit they offer!
    I do not think it is a big enough break or I would think more would bike to work, money is a hell of a motivator. Hell even in this article the Dutch show only the gain to the employers of those who bike, why not show and give a few of those millions to the people who bike to work.. I think 70 million is a whole lot of cash, there are only 16 million people living in this country!
    In fact I think it is absurd that 70 million is spent on this subject. Better bike paths etc...they do it anyways under other goverment tax money. Take that cash and give it back to the people who bike to work ... after all it was there money to start off with.
  • Jose posted:

    on 27th January 2009, 15:32:17 - Reply

    There are already some tax reductions if you use your bike to go to work,
  • Voodoo Doll posted:

    on 27th January 2009, 11:27:11 - Reply

    How about giving the people who bike to work a nice big fat tax break!
    Money always is a good incentive.