Bankautomat "skimmers" arrested in Terneuzen

9th February 2009, Comments 0 comments

Police in Terneuzen say they have arrested two Romanians for using a "skimmer" to retrieve PIN numbers from cash dispensers in the city.

TERNEUZEN— A "skimmer" device enables thieves to make an electronic copy of a cash dispenser card when it is inserted into the machine. Thieves then make a duplicate of the card and use it to raid the victim's bank account.

The suspects were reportedly hanging around the dispenser, and were subsequently reported to police.

Police say the two men disappeared when officers arrived to investigate a report of suspicious activity at a cash dispenser. However, they later found the men using the device at another dispenser in the city and arrested them.

Consumers are advised to be mindful of a reader that isn’t indentical to the one shown on the screen, and to shield their pincodes while entering them into the machine. Also, be wary of people who stand too close, and heck your bank statement regularly for unaccounted withdrawls.

The “smartchip,” a card designed to prevent many types of cash dispensary fraud, is gradually being introduced by banks in the Netherlands. In 2007 skimmers cost Dutch banks 15 million euros.

Radio Netherlands/Expatica

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