Balkan Snapshots Film Festival 2009

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The 4th edition of the Balkan Snapshots on 30 and 31 October and 1 November 2009 is a three-day mix of Balkan culture, displaying a diversity of images, sounds and visions from South East Europe for crisis prices.

The Balkan Snapshots will fill the film theatre Kriterion in Amsterdam this weekend with a cultural spectacle.

In the Balkan regions – Bulgaria, Romania, ex-Yugoslavian countries and Albania – there is a rise of young generation artists: energetic, playful, angry and rebellious.

This year’s edition wants to demonstrate the variety and quality of this new artistic explosion.

The film programme features a broad variety of genres: drama, thriller, horror, comedy, experimental, erotic and animation.

From Bulgaria, “Zift” is a black and white neo-noir film on Friday at 20:00 about 1960s communist Sofia.

“Life and Death of a Porn Gang” on Friday at 22:15 is an absurd furious attack on Serbian extreme conservatism.

“Here and There” is a comedy on Saturday at 20:15 about an American lost in Belgrade.

Here and there
“Here and there” is one of the principal Serbian films on Saturday about an American lost in Belgrade with Cindy Lauper

“Zone of the Dead” is a horror movie on Saturday at 23:00. Also to view are war related shorts, music related documentaries, and Saturday’s shorts marathon, short low-budget films from Balkan independent film-makers.

The Balkan short animations on Sunday at 18:30 are also worth checking out.

Live music is from classic to klezmer. “m.Eta music preachers” perform on Friday at 23:00 in a trio jam session with artist/violinist Manja Ristic.

A Cine-sonic film concert will be screened on Saturday at 22:30 of the 1927 Yugoslavian film “Gresnica Bez Greha” (Sinner Without Sin).

Gresnica Bez Greha
 “Gresnica Bez Greha” is a silent 1927 movie screening on Saturday with live music-performance from the “Kingalita & Turo Rudi Gipsy Band”

The soundtrack of this silent movie will be performed live by the gypsy formation “Kingalita and the Turo Rudi Gipsy Band”.

A famous free jazz concert will be closing the festival on Sunday at 22:30 this year with the duo, Macedonian guitarist Georgi Sareski and the French horn player Dzijan Emin.

Besides the film programme, music and dancing, Balkan Snapshots generates other activities such as lectures and a debate with insightful guests, such as David Jan Godfroid and Taja Vovk on Saturday starting from 16:00.

Sunday at 17:00, Platform Spartak organises an interview and presentation of comic strip artist, Aleksandar Zograf from Belgrade.

There's photographs, video-art, and graffiti exhibitions too.

Aleksandar Zograf, a comic strip artist and a guest on Sunday afternoon, will show, tell and draw about the ex-Yugoslavian comic underground sceneThe public can enjoy Balkan culinary specialities such as ajvar relish, rakia alcohol, baklava dessert and Turkish coffee.

The entry prices this year are reduced to honour the global crisis.

Tickets, rakia and food can be paid for with “snapshots marks” the currency for the festival available at the desk where one film doesn't cost more than EUR 4.5. 

Balkan Snapshots Film Festival is organised by the Balkan Buro ( and Stichting Mara (

For more info in English about the festival and programme, visit:

Vanessa Andreae / Balkan Snapshots

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