Bad-mouthing Dutch woman gets the boot in the Philippines

7th March 2008, Comments 9 comments

A Dutch woman has been barred from ever visiting the Philippines for cursing at an immigration officer and insulting Filipinos, a senior official said Friday.

7 March 2008

MANILA - A Dutch woman has been barred from ever visiting the Philippines for cursing at an immigration officer and insulting Filipinos, a senior official said Friday.

Immigration chief Commissioner Marcelino Libanan said 42-year-old Jenifer Sharmila Kalka has been included in the bureau's blacklist of people banned from ever entering the country.

"A foreign tourist who exhibits arrogance and rude behaviour upon his arrival in the Philippines should be turned back right away for he does not deserve the hospitality of our country and people," he said.

Libanan said Kalka became rowdy after refusing to answer routine questions from the immigration officer when she arrived at Manila's international airport from Hong Kong last month.

Pressed for answers, Kalka began shouting expletives at the immigration officer, causing a commotion at the airport, Libanan said.

The foreigner even shouted, "You Filipinos are (expletive) lazy. That is why you are poor!" according to the immigration officers.

Libanan said Kalka was booked on the first available flight back to Hong Kong.

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9 Comments To This Article

  • Wim posted:

    on 21st March 2008, 12:36:43 - Reply

    This happens everytime. This was not the first time an immigration officer in the Philippines booted a foreigner out. The last I heard on the papers was an arrogant middle aged Australian man. Like I said, this happens all the time.
  • El picafior posted:

    on 11th March 2008, 14:36:35 - Reply

    It is not the first time I hear something like this. So the 'southern' peoples are lazy, unreliable etc. or better said, they are not so perfect as this 'woman' probably is. Such statements come directly from the Calvinist ideology - you must be perfect to deserve heaven. If you are not, there is no remedy. Your are cursed forever. These people seem not to know the world, but have an opinion about it. Scary.
  • Dorothy posted:

    on 10th March 2008, 19:44:14 - Reply

    Sounds like a dutch missionary woman middle age i saw insulting airport authorities for being charging for extra lagagge in Nairobi, Kenya. Caused quite a star claiming she should not be charged because she has been helping 'poor kenyans' so the law about extra kilograms should have been wavered for her.. ha! She looked very unhappy... Unhappy people want to make others unhappy regardless of Race, nationality etc.
  • dutchme posted:

    on 10th March 2008, 17:15:14 - Reply

    mostly dutch woman are friendly i think she's not dutch! buti nga sa kanya pinabalik sya! hahahaha!
  • ATM posted:

    on 10th March 2008, 13:34:30 - Reply

    Naturalized or not, she has a Dutch passport, which means she represents the Dutch wherever she is present.
    Too bad, she just gave a bad reputation for the rest of the Dutch nationals who are not like her.
    If she thinks that Filipinos are lazy, why did she want to go to the Philippines? Does she want to migrate and join the flock? hahaha!!!
  • Wouter posted:

    on 9th March 2008, 20:14:52 - Reply

    Her name may not sound Dutch, but her bad behavior is unfortunatly like the average Dutch behavior abroad. She must have adapted herself perfectly right here in the Netherlands in the past. Yes, there are too many Dutch people from our country behaving themselves as badly as this woman does, and for sure it in not typical behavior for people from South Asian. Wouter de Vries, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • foreigner posted:

    on 8th March 2008, 11:44:09 - Reply

    Jenifer Sharmila Kalka - name doesn't sound Dutch to me, sounds more like South Asian. She could be a naturalized Dutch citizen, you know like us foreigners here in the Netherlands who adapted the Dutch passport.
  • aquarian29 posted:

    on 8th March 2008, 10:37:32 - Reply

    This is one rare case of a dutch exhibiting an out-of-control behavior. Usually, Dutch people are cool and tolerant maybe even compared to Filipinos living in a warm place.

    I feel sorry for her, we Filipinos are not stupid and unprofessional. Education is a priority in every family over any material things. This means therefore, we are educated people. Warm, hospitable and very respectful Filipinos has patience before indulging in trouble. Shouting and uttering insulting statements made it worst.

    Well, she deserves a lesson for improvement.

  • Laurent posted:

    on 7th March 2008, 20:01:17 - Reply

    Well done to turn her away !
    Unfortunately that person got back ... here !