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Do you have a question about the relocation procedure? Check out the Ask the Experts column on Expatica and/or write to Patrick Rovers at


Patrick Rovers and Hans van Velzen are legal consultants with the law offices of Van Velzen C.S.

Established in 1990, Van Velzen C.S. specialises in work and residence related issues and in the establishment of new companies and other corporate matters.

Based in the Netherlands and Belgium, the firm has assisted corporate and individual clients from Nafta and Benelux countries in setting up new companies and transferring managers and specialists to and from nations such as the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Legal issues related to expatriate relocation is Van Velzen C.S.' core business.

In addition to contributing to, Rovers and Van Velzen have also published articles on legal topics in various other media.

Patrick is a regular contributor to Expat Magazine and recently wrote an article on ICT professionals for Xpat Journal. Hans has written articles and surveys for Advocatenblad, Nederlands Juristenblad, Belastingmagazine and BusinessLinks, and frequently speaks on legal issues at seminars.

Hans and Patrick are law graduates from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Ask Hans and Patrick a question.

PLEASE NOTE: Patrick Rovers and Hans van Velzen are unable to answer tax-related queries.

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